EFL integration for Wayland input methods

3 days ago Wayland and Weston 1.0 were released. We at Openismus are working on input method support for Wayland (see here and here).

To show the input methods working we have an editor and keyboard example client in Weston. But we also want to demo input methods in real world applications. As a start we implemented an input method module for the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) toolkit.

The EFL input method module is available at github.

4 thoughts on “EFL integration for Wayland input methods

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  3. Ning Tang

    Hi, thanks for the great project.
    I’m trying this but got some problems.
    After I pulled latest Wayland and EFL code and installed ecore-imf-wayland module, entry_example couldn’t show on desktop shell.
    And when I use “export ECORE_IMF_MODULE=xim”, it could show again.
    So I guess there’s some bug maybe caused by upgrades. Sorry that I’m not familiar with EFL, and could you please help to fix this? Thank you.


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